DATE FIRST LAST INSTITUTE TITLE - Through end of Spring 2019 series
 * - Lindsay Lecturer, & Nordberg Lecturer, # Bahcall Lecturer
1/29/88 Michael F. A'Hearn U. Maryland Scientific Results from Halley's Comet
4/7/06 Michael A'Hearn U. Maryland Deep Impact: Excavating Comet Tempel 1
4/11/03 Mark Abbott Oregon State Univ. Re-envisioning the Ocean: the View from Space
3/19/71 George O. Abell UC-Los Angeles Critical Discussion of the Extra-Galactic Distance Scale
2/18/66 Philip H. Abelson Carnegie-GL Origin of Life in the Solar System
11/12/76 Philip H. Abelson Carnegie-GL World Energy During the Next Two Decades
10/28/94 Marc Abrahams MIT The Best From the Journal of Irreproducible Results
5/1/92 Helmut Abt Kitt Peak Nat. Obs. Contemporary & Future Scientific Publication & Data Distribution
9/30/15 James Acker GSFC Rise of the Machines: Computational Power and the History of NASA's Ocean Color Missions 
1/21/05 Steve Ackerman U. Wisconsin Assessing from Space the Effects of Clouds on Weather and Climate
6/5/19 Thomas Ackermann University of Washington Is There a Path Forward for Solar Climate Engineering?
3/19/93 Loren Acton Lockheed Palo Alto X Ray Movies of the Sun
1/16/09 Loren Acton Montana State U.  The Day the Earth Caught Fire
11/19/82 Mario Acuna GSFC Saturn's Magnetosphere: Interaction with Saturn's Moons
5/15/98 Mario Acuna GSFC Magnetic Mars
2/18/00 Mario Acuna GSFC Update on Mars Magnetism
9/16/66 Robert Adair Yale Quarks
11/5/93 Robert Adair Yale The Physics of Baseball
5/9/08 John Adam Old Dominion U. Patterns in Nature
11/15/02 Eric Adelberger& Univ of Washington Using Laser-Ranging to the Moon to Test Fundamental Questions about Gravity
1/27/67 Isidore Adler GSFC Scientific Lunar Exploration--Wherefore and Where To?
2/6/70 Isidore Adler GSFC Summary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Sample Analyses
4/25/08 Robert Adler GSFC Satellite-based Variations in Global Precipitation: Climate Scale to Floods
1/31/18 Amir AghaKouchak U. of California Irvine Compound and Concurrent Climate Extremes: Detection, Modeling and Risk Analysis
3/28/08 Anthony Aguirre U. Calif. Santa Cruz The Inflationary Multiverse
5/5/67 Yakir Aharonov Yeshiva, NY Superselection Rules
1/11/17 Vladimir  Airapetian GSFC The Young Restless Sun and the Origin of Life on Earth
2/14/03 Joanna Aizenberg Bell Laboratories Arms with Eyes: the Visual System of a Starfish
4/24/19 Marco Ajello Clemson University The Star-Formation History of the Universe
2/7/92 Daniel Albritton NOAA Aeronomy Lab Greenhouse Effect: What We Know & Don't Know, How We'll Learn More
10/7/94 Charles Alcock Lawrence Livermore Microlensing and MACHOS
5/9/75 Joseph K. Alexander GSFC New Vistas in Planetary Radio Astronomy
3/4/77 Shelton S. Alexander Penn State Crustal Structure of Eastern U.S. and Location of Nuclear Reactors
9/21/73 Hannes Alfven UC-San Diego Space Research and the Origin of the Solar System
1/7/77 Hannes Alfven UC-San Diego The Evolution of the Solar System
12/8/78 Clarence R. Allen Caltech Advances in Earthquake Hazard Evaluation
1/11/02 Timothy Allen U. Wisconsin Complexity of Organization and the Cycles of Human History
4/10/70 Lawrence H. Aller UC-Los Angeles Planetary Nebulae
2/18/94 Richard Alley Penn State Abrupt Climate Changes in Greenland
1/8/82 Walter Alvarez UC-Berkeley Death of the Dinosaurs
3/15/68 Edward Anders Chicago Ages, Orbits, and Origin of Meteorites
3/29/85 James Anderson Harvard Stratospheric Research: From Description to Prediction
3/5/93 Philip Anderson Princeton High Temperature Superconductivity
6/5/92 Don L. Anderson* Caltech Plumes, Plates, and Deep Earth Structure
6/11/10 M. O.  Andreae Max Planck Inst. Chem.  Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in the Climate System
1/10/14 Steven Anlage U. Maryland Play It Again Sam, This Time Backwards!
9/14/79 Robert Annan Dept. of Energy Toward a Solar Future
10/2/81 John O. Annexstad Johnson Space Ctr. The Antarctic Meteorites: Search and Discovery
4/15/94 Stuart Anstis UCal/San Diego To Understand Visualization, It Helps to Understand Vision
9/28/12 Spiro Antiochos * GSFC The Structure and Dynamics of Stellar Magnetospheres
9/27/74 John R. Apel NOAA-Miami Ocean Science from Space: Air, Earth, Fire, and Now Water
2/16/90 John R. Apel APL Mapping the Ocean Surface with Imaging Radars
9/29/00 Nima Arkani-Hamed Lawrence Berkeley Lab How to Make Gravity Join the Other Forces of Nature at a Reasonable Energy: Localizing Gravitons in an Extra Dimension
12/12/75 James R. Arnold UC-San Diego Meteorites and the Origin of the Solar System
4/30/71 Halton C. Arp Hale Obs. Quasars, Galaxies and Redshifts
12/14/84 Richard Ascione NIH Genetics of Cancer
1/10/03 Neil Ashby Univ. of Colorado Large and Small Relativistic Effects in the Global Positioning System
9/24/71 R. Grant Athay Boulder-HAO Recent Developments in Solar Atmospheric Physics
2/17/78 David Atlas GSFC From Angels to CAT
5/14/93 David Atlas GSFC Footprints of Storms in Sea: View from Spaceborne Syn.Aper.Radar
4/23/99 Robert Atlas (Joint) GSFC Use of Satellite Observations in Support of Weather and Short-Term Climate Prediction
11/4/05 Brian Atwater U.S. Geological Survey The Orphan Tsunami of 1700
11/3/92 Norman Augustine Martin Marietta SPACEFLIGHT: Lessons of Past & Opportunities of Next Millennium
12/12/69 W. Ian Axford UC-San Diego The Polar Wind
5/19/86 W. Ian Axford ESA First Results from the Giotto Encounter with Comet Halley
4/6/90 George Backus UC-San Diego The Magnetic Jerk of 1970: Geophysical Evidence and Implications
10/8/93 Frances Bagenal Univ. Colorado The Peculiar Role of Io in the Magnetosphere of Jupiter
12/6/96 Jonathan Bagger Johns Hopkins The Problem of Mass
4/27/79 John N. Bahcall Princeton-IAS Solar Neutrinos
11/16/84 Neta A. Bahcall STScI Superclusters and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe
5/8/92 John N. Bahcall Princeton-IAS How Does the Sun Shine?
3/14/97 John Bahcall Inst. Adv. Study Solar Neutrinos
5/2/08 Kevin Baines Jet Propulsion Lab Saturn in a New Light: Novel Views of Meteorology and Dynamics at Depth by Cassini/VIMS
5/28/93 Per Bak Brookhaven Self Organized Criticality
10/13/89 Daniel F. Baker GSFC Magnetospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Research
3/4/94 Victor Baker Univ. Arizona Oceans on Mars
2/15/13 Dan Baker U. Colorado Space Physics Exploration: Basic Research with a High Public Purpose
3/19/04 Dennis Baldocchi U. California, Berkeley Modeling Carbon, Water and Energy Fluxes of Terrestrial Ecosystems
4/11/75 Ralph B. Baldwin Oliver Mach. The Moon--Before and After Apollo
3/23/07 Bruce Balick Univ. Washington Collimating Stellar Ejecta
12/1/95 Sallie Baliunas Harvard-Smithsonian Solar Variability and Global Climate Change
1/25/80 Robert Ballard Woods Hole Viewing the Ocean Bottom
3/4/83 Thomas F. Banchoff Brown The Fourth Dimension and Computer Animated Geometry
4/16/82 William R. Bandeen GSFC Early Meteorological Observations from Space
5/31/96 Bradley Barber AT&T Lucent Labs Sonoluminescence: Light from Sound
9/20/17 Tom  Barclay  GSFC Sellers Exoplanet Environments Collaboration (SEEC) and the Search for Alien Worlds
5/12/06 Amy  Barger U. Wisconsin The Midlife Crisis of the Cosmos
5/4/90 Tim Barnett Scripps Can We Detect the Greenhouse Gas Signal in the World's Oceans?
11/21/97 John Baross U. Washington Life at the Bottom of the Ocean
3/1/68 Alan H. Barrett MIT Masers & Mysterium--Observations of Interstellar Hydroxyl Radicals
9/16/77 Eric C. Barrett UK-Bristol Improved Rainfall Assessment w/ Conventional Sources & Satellites
10/5/84 Eric Barron Boulder-NCAR Climate Change over the Million Year Time Scale
11/8/96 Eric Barron Penn State Predicting Changes in River Basin Hydrology...
3/2/73 Charles A. Barth Boulder-UC Mariner 9 UV Measurements of Mars
5/24/96 Gibor Basri U.Cal. Berkeley Brown Dwarfs for Real
1/23/04 Bonnie Bassler Princeton University Small Talk: Cell-to-cell Communication in Bacteria
5/6/88 Maria Bastillo Genetics/IVF Inst. New Frontiers in Assisted Human Reproduction
2/19/19 Natalie Batalha# University of California, Santa Cruz Lava Worlds to Living Worlds: A Retrospective of NASA's Kepler Mission
10/20/67 Louis J. Battan Arizona Weather Modification: Past and Present
3/29/74 Siegfried J. Bauer GSFC The Ionospheres of the Planets
12/15/78 Siegfried J. Bauer GSFC First Results from the Pioneer Venus Missions
4/29/05 John Beacom Ohio State U. Towards First Glimpses of the Universe in Neutrinos
3/14/18 James Beasley Savannah River Ecology Lab Radioactive Wildlife:  The Secret Life of Animals in Chernobyl and Fukushima
11/18/66 Donald Beattie NASA HQ Post-Apollo Lunar Exploration
2/8/02 Luann Becker U. Cal, Santa Barbara Evidence for Impact-Generated Extinctions
10/8/04 Steven   Beckwith SpaceTelescope Science Inst. The Hubble Ultra Deep Field
5/8/19 Michael Behrenfeld Oregon State University The Wonderful World of the Plankton - A Tour from Biochemistry to Space
1/25/85 Charles Beichman JPL Extragalactic Sources in the IRAS Survey
1/17/69 P. R. Bell Manned Spacecraft C Evidence for Water on the Moon
4/11/80 Peter M. Bell Carnegie-GL Ultra High Pressure Experiments--Application to Earth and Planets
10/1/04 Gordon Bell Bay Area Research Center MyLifeBits: The Memex Vision and Some Implications of Storing Everything Personal
2/9/68 Michael J. S. Belton KPNO Clouds on Venus
3/23/16 G. Fritz Benedict McDonald Observatory Hipparcos, Hubble Space Telescope, and Gaia: A Golden Age of Astrometry
2/4/11 Michael Benefield Bur. Land Management The Politics of Smoke and the Practical Issues Associated with the Management of Wild and Prescribed Fires in the West
5/6/11 Dominic Benford GSFC How to Build and Search for Cost-Optimized Interstellar Beacons
2/21/03 Charles Bennett GSFC Taking the Measure of the Universe
4/23/71 Carl S. Benson Alaska Polar Glaciology and Ice Fog
3/21/14 Robert Benson GSFC The First Year of Human Habitation, and Science, at the Geographic South Pole
5/21/82 Edward R. Benton Boulder-UC Earth's Core: Clues to the Origin of its Magnetic Field
11/1/68 Peter G. Bergmann Syracuse Theories of Gravitation
12/8/89 Richard B. Bernstein UCLA Arranging Collisions Between Molecules and Surfaces
10/25/17 Robert Berwick MIT Why Only Us: The Origin of Human Language
10/13/06 Pawan Bhartia GSFC Ultraviolet Observations of our Changing Planet
9/15/78 Giovanni F. Bignami Italy-Milan Gamma Ray Astronomy Revisited: from Our Galaxy to Other Galaxies
3/10/99 Giovanni Bignami Italian Space Agency Comets, Planets, and the Sky: Italy's Roots in Space
1/9/76 John Billingham Ames Research Ctr. Interstellar Communication and Project Cyclops
11/16/90 Robert Bindschadler GSFC Stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
2/2/07 Robert Bindschadler GSFC Ice Sheets on the Edge
3/18/88 Richard P. Binzel PSI-Tucson A New Look at Pluto
10/31/75 Thomas J. Birmingham GSFC Jupiter's Magnetosphere in Light of Pioneers 10 and 11
5/20/66 Amasa S. Bishop AEC Roadblocks in the Path of Controlled Fusion
4/23/93 David Black Lunar & Plan.Inst. Planets of Other Stars
4/8/66 Jacques E. Blamont France-NCSR Dynamics of the Lower Ionosphere
2/2/90 Roger D. Blandford Caltech Gamma-Ray Burst Models
2/24/11 Roger Blandford # Stanford U./KIPAC Higher Energy Astrophysics
3/23/12 Michael Blanpied US Geol. Survey The Virginia Earthquakes of August, 2011
4/4/14 Jacob Bleacher GSFC How Explosive Was Ancient Mars?
2/16/68 Robert C. Bless Wisconsin Ultraviolet Stellar Astronomy
3/2/90 Leo Blitz U. Maryland The Bar in the Center of the Galaxy
5/29/98 John Blondin North Carolina State Supercomputer Simulations of Gas Flows in Binary Star Systems
3/6/92 Howard B. Bluestein U. Oklahoma Tornadoes in the Southern Plains: Visual Obs. & Meteorolog. Meas.
2/3/67 Harry Blum AFCRL Processes in Perception
9/17/99 Baruch Blumberg Astrobiology Institute The Discovery of the Hepatitis B Virus and the Invention of a Vaccine to Prevent Cancer
1/7/00 Martin Blume Amer. Phys. Soc. The Physical Review and Scientific Publishing: Past and Future
9/8/78 Albert Boggess GSFC Observing with IUE (International Ultraviolet Explorer)
5/11/90 Craig Bohren Penn State All That's Best of Dark and Bright (Atmospheric Optics)
3/3/00 Craig Bohren Penn State U. Green Thunderstorms
5/12/67 Bart J. Bok Arizona The Spiral Structure of Our Galaxy
4/27/73 Bart J. Bok Arizona The Birth of Stars
3/31/78 Elihu A. Boldt GSFC The New Era in X-Ray Astronomy
5/29/19 Scott Bolton Southwest Res. Inst. The New Jupiter Revealed by Juno
12/11/98 Howard Bond Space Telescope Sci. Inst. Planetary Nebulae with Hubble Space Telescope
4/15/88 Roger Bonnet ESA-Paris Fundamental Science & Space Science within the Horizon 2000 Progrm
10/22/93 Dan Boone Wilderness Society Old Growth Forests
2/7/75 Jan Borgman Netherl.-Groningen First Results from the Astronomical Netherlands Satellite
3/17/78 Jay P. Boris NRL Uses of High-Speed Computers for Simulating Physical Systems
4/15/11 William Borucki Ames Research Ctr. Kepler Mission: An Overview of Science Results
2/10/06 Penelope Boston New Mexico Inst. Mining Tech. The Planet Within: Cave Habitats from Earth to Mars and Beyond
4/13/07 William Bottke Southwest Res. Inst. New Views on the Lunar Late Heavy Bombardment
10/31/86 Thomas J. Bouchard U. Minnesota Identical Twins Reared Apart: How Similar are They?
2/11/66 Robert Bourdeau GSFC The Earth's Ionosphere
10/24/69 Sidney Bowhill Illinois The Chemistry of the Lower Ionosphere
3/17/95 Mark Bowick Syracuse Cosmic Cracks in Liquid Crystals--the Universe in a Drop
12/12/86 Stuart Bowyer UC-Berkeley The Cosmic Far Ultraviolet Background
12/14/79 Larry H. Brace GSFC Solar Wind Interactions w/ Venus Ionosphere--Pioneer Venus Orbiter
1/19/79 Hale V. D. Bradt MIT Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Quasars: SAS-3 & HEAO-1 X-Ray Astronm.
5/1/19 Kathleen Bragdon College of William and Mary Native Americans and Anthropologists: A New Relationship
2/2/73 John C. Brandt GSFC Rock Art Astronomy
2/15/80 John C. Brandt GSFC The Plasma Tails of Comets: How They Come and Go
9/27/85 John C. Brandt GSFC The ICE Encounter with Comet Giacobini-Zinner
4/4/86 John C. Brandt GSFC First Spacecraft Results from Halley's Comet
4/13/12 Niel Brandt Penn State U. A Good Hard Look at Cosmic Supermassive Black Hole Growth
12/4/70 Lewis M. Branscomb NBS A National Policy for Applied Science
3/9/84 Kenneth Brecher GSFC & Boston Coll. Which Came First---the Universe or the Laws of Physics?
3/11/05 Sean Brennan U.S. Geological Survey Seawater Chemistry and the Advent of Biocalcification, or the Chemical Origins of Seashells
11/4/83 Francis P. Bretherton Boulder-NCAR Oceanography from Space
1/15/93 Francis P. Bretherton Wisconsin Sources of Uncertainty in Predictions of Global Warming
5/27/88 Robin Brett USGS-Reston Field Trip to a Mid-Ocean Ridge
1/12/68 Neil M. Brice Cornell Magnetospheric Substorms, Van Allen Radiation, & the Polar Aurora
2/12/82 Alan H. Bridle NRAO-NM Jets in Radio Galaxies
6/3/19 David Brin   Opportunities, Danger, and Destiny in the Solar System ... and Beyond
2/19/71 Stanley J. Brodsky Stanford The Present and Future State of Quantum Electrodynamics
10/4/68 Wallace S. Broecker Columbia-Lamont Glacial Cycles and Their Causes
1/12/79 Wallace S. Broecker Columbia Carbon Dioxide, the Oceans and Climate
11/19/93 Wally Broecker Lamont-Doherty Geo. What Do Paleoclimatic Data Tell Us About Expected Future Climate
10/26/01 Wallace Broecker Columbia Circulation Pattern in the Glacial Ocean
4/1/05 Volker Bromm U. Texas The First Sources of Light  
3/13/98 Clint Brooks NSA Cryptography
1/13/12 Harold Brooks NOAA/Severe Storms The Record Breaking 2011 Spring Tornado Season: Historic Perspectives and Challenges for the Future
10/20/00 Lincoln Brower Sweet Briar Biological Studies of the Migration of the Monarch Butterfly
3/8/02 Emma Brown U.S. Forest Service What Burns Me About the Way We Fight Wildfires
2/3/06 Tom Brown Space Telescope Sci.Inst. The Age of Andromeda
5/16/14 Lester Brown Earth Policy Inst. The Great Transition: Shifting from Fossil Fuels to Wind and Solar Energy
4/5/17 Adrian Brown GSFC Volatiles and Ices in the Polar Regions of Mars - the future is LIDAR
4/26/19 Peter  Brown University of Western Ontario The Impact Hazard from Small Near-Earth Objects: Lessons from Chelyabinsk 
11/8/13 Kelly  Brunt GSFC Antarctic Rifts as an Analog for Studying Tidal Motions along Cracks on Icy Satellites
2/4/72 Stephen G. Brush Maryland Relations Between Planetary Science & "Pure" Science in 19th Cent.
5/15/70 Reid A. Bryson Wisconsin Our Changing Climate
2/5/93 Philip Bucksbaum Michigan Atoms in Really Intense Light
3/25/77 Edward Bullard UC-San Diego Origin of the Earth's Magnetic Field
2/13/04 Alan Bunner NASA HQ (retired) Reflections on the Anthropic Principle
4/5/68 E. Margaret Burbidge UC-San Diego The Spectra of Quasi-Stellar Objects
5/10/74 E. Margaret Burbidge UC-San Diego The Redshift Controversy
10/22/76 Geoffrey Burbidge UC-San Diego Confrontation of Cosmological Theories with Observational Data
6/14/85 E. Margaret Burbidge* UC-San Diego Radio Galaxies, Quasars and Jets
2/23/01 James Burch Southwest Research Inst. "First Light" from the IMAGE Spacecraft
3/12/71 Bernard F. Burke MIT Long-Baseline Interferometry
9/30/77 Kevin C. Burke SUNY-Albany Continents in Collision: Tibet and the Himalayas
9/19/86 Bernard F. Burke MIT Gravitational Lenses
12/1/89 Kevin C. Burke Nat.Acad.Sciences The Origin of Mountains
5/9/97 Kevin Burke Univ. Houston The African Plate and Small Scale Convection...
5/1/98 Joann Burkholder North Carolina State Pfiesteria Piscicida, Killer of Fish
2/11/77 Leonard F. Burlaga GSFC Magnetic Fields and Winds in Interplanetary Space
3/23/84 Leonard F. Burlaga GSFC A Voyage through the Heliosphere
5/7/04 Len Burlaga GSFC Voyager at the Edge of the Solar System?
5/28/99 Jocelynn Bell Burnell Open U./Princeton In Pursuit of Pulsars
5/18/12 David Burrows Penn State U. Swift J164449.3+573451: Death Throes of an Unlucky Star
9/24/93 David Burstein Arizona St. Univ. Dark Matter, Galaxies, and the Universe
4/2/76 W. Butler Burton NRAO-Greenbank Is There a Basic Spiral Pattern in Our Galaxy?
10/7/05 Antionio Busalacchi U. Maryland Climate Variability and Marine Ecosystems: The Role of Forcings and Feedback
4/23/99 Antonio Busalacchi (Joint) GSFC Use of Satellite Observations in Support of Weather and Short-Term Climate Prediction
5/13/05 Nathalie Cabrol NASA Ames Beyond the Mars Exploration Rove Mission:  from Habitability to Life
3/24/06 Robert Cahalan GSFC Three-Dimensional Cloud Properties and Climate
11/21/08 Gregory Cajete U. New Mexico Native Science: An Indigenous Philosophy of Human Relationship to the Natural World
2/27/76 John Caldwell Princeton The Atmosphere of Titan
9/24/65 A. G. W. Cameron GISS X-Ray Astronomy
4/7/78 A. G. W. Cameron Harvard Early History of the Solar System
4/18/97 A.G.W. Cameron Harvard Formation of the Solar System
2/26/16 Jordan  Camp GSFC LIGO Detection of Gravitational Waves
2/22/74 William J. Campbell USGS-Tacoma Ice Dynamics
11/20/98 Mark Cane Lamont-Doherty Earth Ob. Prospects for Improving Forecasts of ENSO (El Nino and the Southern Oscillation) and its Global Consequences
5/30/08 Claude Canizares * Mass. Inst. Of Technology The Rise of Cosmic X-Ray Spectroscopy
5/23/80 Russell D. Cannon Canada-DAO Exploring the Southern Sky--New Clues to Evolution of Galaxies
2/28/18 Robin Canup Southwest Res. Inst. Origin of the Moon
4/26/85 John B. Carlson Maryland Aztec Calendar: Man, State and Cosmos in Aztec Society
3/19/99 Jean Carlson U.Calif. Santa Barbara Dynamic Modeling of Earthquake Faults
4/8/05 Sean Carroll U. Chicago Why is the Universe Accelerating?
11/15/17 Sean  Carroll Howard Hughes Medical Institute The Serengeti Rules: The Quest to Discover How Nature Works, and Why It Matters
5/18/73 George R. Carruthers NRL UV Photography from the Moon
3/26/99 Daniel Carter New Century Pharmaceuticals Growing Crystals in Microgravity
6/15/16 Rafael Casellas National Inst. Of Health CRISPR: Enabling the 21st Century Biological Revolution
3/1/13 Paul  Cassak West Virginia U.  Magnetic Reconnection - What is NASA's MMS for Anyway?
4/4/18 Tane Casserley Monitor National Marine Sanctuary  Heavy Metal on the High Seas: USS Monitor and the Wartime Shipwrecks off the Coast of North Carolina
3/7/97 Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza Stanford Genes, People, and Languages
12/13/68 John Ceraso Rutgers The Interference Theory of Forgetting
9/17/82 Catherine J. Cesarsky France-Saclay Galactic Cosmic Ray Acceleration by Supernova Shocks
4/5/85 Robert D. Cess SUNY-Stony Brook Climatic Feedback Mechanisms
3/16/90 Robert D. Cess SUNY-Stony Brook The Greenhouse Effect in Climate Models
5/10/17 Bill Chadwick NOAA/PMEL Oregon State U. Fire in the Deep Sea: The 2015 Eruption of Axial Seamount
2/6/04 Moustafa Chahine Jet Propulsion Lab AQUA, AIRS, and the Earth's Water Cycle
2/1/02 Gregory Chaitin IBM Research Paradoxes of Randomness
11/13/92 William Chameides Georgia Tech SMOG: The "Bad" Ozone That Wouldn't Go Away
4/1/83 Julius S. Chang Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Explosions and Atmospheric Ozone
6/3/88 Julius S. Chang SUNY-Albany Modelling Deposition & Transport of Acidic Material in East U.S.
10/28/05 Ben Chao GSFC Earth's Changing Rotation and Gravity Field
5/13/66 Sydney Chapman Boulder-HAO Auroral Morphology and Magnetic Storms
6/1/84 Robert D. Chapman GSFC The Mystery of the Eclipsing Binaries Epsilon and Zeta Aurigae
2/6/98 Clark Chapman Southwest Res. Inst. Asteroids
9/11/98 Rick Chappell Vanderbilt U. Worlds Apart: How the Distance Between Science and Journalism Threatens America's Future
5/24/02 David Charbonneau Cal Tech Extrasolar Planets and the Power of the Dark Side
12/10/10 David Charbonneau Harvard U.  The Fast Track to Finding an Inhabited Exoplanet
4/19/17 Eric Charles SLAC National Accelorator Lab Not So Dark After All?  Does Dark Matter Shine Brightly in Gamma Rays? 
10/21/15 Geoff Chester U.S. Naval Obersvatory  The U.S. Naval Observatory: Time Standards and Daylight Time
3/13/92 Roger A. Chevalier U. Virginia Supernova 1987A after 5 Years
6/1/01 Raymond Chiao U. Cal, Berkeley Faster-than-c Propagation Effects and their Possible Applications
3/20/19 Eric Christian Goddard Space Flight Center The Edge of the Solar System and Beyond
10/28/11 Steve Chu Secretary of Energy How Innovation has Changed the World and Can Help Change it Again
1/17/18 Maria  Chudnovsky  Princeton University Some Problems in Graph Theory: Donuts, Parties, and Coloring
2/10/84 Ralph J. Cicerone Boulder-NCAR Biospheric Boundary Conditions for Atmospheric Chemistry
4/3/09 John Claarke Boston U. HST (and other) Observations of the Aurora on Jupiter and Saturn
3/5/10 Mark  Clampin GSFC Direct Imaging of Exoplanets
9/9/66 John F. Clark GSFC Scientific Research at Goddard: Views and Discussions
9/20/68 George W. Clark MIT Observations of Galactic Gamma Rays on OSO-III
1/23/76 George W. Clark MIT X-Rays from Gravitationally Collapsed Bodies
11/11/77 Thomas A. Clark GSFC Sounds of Space: Sounds of Earth
3/23/90 Garry Clarke U. British Columbia Surging Glaciers
12/2/88 Donald D. Clayton Rice The Solar Nebula and Before
10/4/17 Carol Cleland University of Colorado Life Without Definitions
10/1/65 Thomas L. Cline GSFC Cosmic Ray Electrons
5/21/76 Thomas L. Cline GSFC The Mystery of Gamma-Ray Bursts
10/18/17 Eric  Cline George Washington U.  1177 B.C.: the Year Civilization Collapsed 
4/11/69 Preston E. Cloud,Jr. UC-Santa Barbara The Primitive Earth
9/16/88 Paul Cloutier Rice U. Venus
5/9/69 Arthur D. Code Wisconsin Results from the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (OAO-2)
6/1/90 C. Edward Coffey Duke U. Electroconvulsive Therapy and Update
11/13/70 Sidney Cohen NIH Drug Abuse: Recent Developments
2/28/97 Steven C. Cohen GSFC Pacific Plates Subduction: Regional Tectonics...
4/23/10 Anthony Colaprete Ames Research Ctr. Results from the LCROSS Experiment
1/31/75 Keith D. Cole Australia-Melbourne Magnetic Storms
12/11/70 Sidney R. Coleman Harvard Recent Developments in Particle Physics
12/10/14 Gabriella Coleman McGill U.  Geeks, Hacker Culture, and Anonymous
1/15/71 Stirling A. Colgate New Mexico-IM&T Cosmic Rays and Supernovae
12/7/90 Stirling A. Colgate Los Alamos Radio Jets and High Energy Cosmic Rays
1/10/97 Francis Collins Nat. Ctr. Human Gen The Human Genome Project and the Future of Medicine
11/20/70 Robert N. Colwell UC-Berkeley The Scientific Basis for Remotely Sensing Earth Resources
1/13/78 Robert N. Colwell UC-Berkeley Remote Sensing of Natural Resources
2/21/97 Rita Colwell Univ. Maryland Tracking the Origins of Cholera
11/30/07 Joey Comiso GSFC Decadal Changes in the Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Cover
10/17/69 Barry Commoner Wash.U.-St.Louis Pollution of the Environment
4/10/19 Nancy Connell Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Global Catastrophic Biological Risk (GCBR)
2/26/93 Richard Conner Harvard Dolphin Sex and Politics
1/20/95 Jack Connerney GSFC Imaging the Electrodynamic Behavior of Jupiter and Saturn
2/18/00 Jack Connerney GSFC Update on Mars Magnetism
5/8/81 Peter S. Conti Boulder-JILA Nature and Evolution of the Most Massive Stars
2/20/76 Robert S. Cooper GSFC High Energy Laser Technology: a Review
2/2/01 Bruno Coppi MIT Theoretical and Experimental Results in Fusion Research: Related Issues in Astrophysics
3/30/79 Ferdinand V. Coroniti UC-Los Angeles Geomagnetic Substorms and Aurora
9/15/67 Stanley Corrsin Johns Hopkins The Nature of Turbulent Flow
10/12/12 Athena Coustenis Paris-Meudon Observatory JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE): The First Large ESA Cosmic Vision Mission 
10/21/83 Anne P. Cowley Arizona State Black Holes in the Large Magellanic Cloud
3/6/81 R. Cowsik Maryland Elementary Particles and the Cosmos--A Complementary Relationship
1/10/69 Allan V. Cox Stanford Sea Floor Spreading and the Magnetic History of the Earth
10/24/80 Allan V. Cox Stanford How North America is Growing: Microplate Tectonics
9/24/99 Bradley Cox U. Virginia Time Reversal Violation
12/3/04 Robert Crease Stony Brook U. The Prism and the Pendulum: The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments in Science
3/28/03 Hugh Crenshaw GlaxoSmithKline Microorganisms Use Helical Motion to Orient to External Signals
4/21/89 L. Eugene Cronin Coastal Consultant The Geology and Ecology of the Chesapeake Bay
5/16/97 James Cronin Univ. Chicago The Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
1/14/00 David Crossley St. Louis U. The Superconducting Gravimeter as a Geophysical Tool
11/20/81 John Crowell UC-Santa Barbara The San Andreas Fault
10/17/97 Tom Crowley Texas A&M Ice Ages in Earth History
2/21/75 Dale P. Cruikshank Hawaii Recent and Current Eruptions of Hawaiian Volcanoes
1/13/84 Dale P. Cruikshank Hawaii Pluto and the Satellites of the Outer Planets
5/1/03 Paul Crutzen Max Planck, Chemistry The Importance of the Tropics in Atmospheric Chemistry
6/12/87 Paul Crutzen* Max-Planck Inst. Ozone: Essential Gas in Atmosphere, Perturbed by Human Activities
12/12/97 Robert Curl Rice The Fullerenes: Discovery and Beyond
3/27/87 Gordon Cutler NIH Premature Puberty: New Insights
4/5/02 Richard Cytowic Physician/author Synesthesia: Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes
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