Fall-Winter 2019-20

Next talks:
Feb. 19, THE JOHN LINDSAY MEMORIAL LECTURE, Keith Gendreau and Zaven Arzoumanian, A NICER View: Physics and Astrophysics from the International Space Station 
Feb. 26, Adam McKay, The Composition of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov: Insights into Planet Formation in Other Planetary Systems

All Colloquia will be held at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Building 3 Goett auditorium, except as noted.

If you would like to attend and do not have a NASA badge, please contact the Scientific Colloquium at (301) 286-8168, more than 72 hours beforehand. Use the same contact information to be added to our mailing list.  Access to Goddard Space Flight Center is limited to those holding Goddard badges or official visitors.  You can become an official visitor by finding a badged Goddard employee to escort you.  The Scientific Colloquium Committee cannot promise to provide escorts.


The Goddard Library has made streaming video available for many of our colloquia -- click on the V in the column to the right of the topic.  NOT ALL BROWSERS WORK FOR ALL VIDEOS.  IF YOUR FAVORITE DOES NOT WORK, TRY A DIFFERENT ONE.  Some videos are also available for Spring 2019, Fall 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017Spring 2017, Fall 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2015, Spring2015, Fall 2014, Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2013, Fall 2012, Spring 2012, Fall 2011, Spring 2011, Fall 2010Spring 2010Fall 2009, Spring2009, Fall 2008, Spring 2008,  Fall 2007Spring 2007Fall 2006Spring 2006,  Fall 2005, Spring 2005, Fall 2004, Spring 2004Fall 2003,  Spring 2003, Fall 2002, Spring 2002, Fall 2001, Spring 2001, and Fall 2000.

Current Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Video
Sept. 25
Dante Lauretta
University of Arizona
OSIRIS-REx Explores Asteroid Bennu
Oct. 2
No Colloquium

Oct. 9
Sliman Bensmaia
University of Chicago Biological and Bionic Hands: Natural Neural Coding and Artificial Perception
Oct. 16
No Colloquium

Oct. 23
Elaine Ostrander
National Institutes of Health
How to Build A Dog in 2,392,715,236 Simple Steps
Oct. 30 Michael Rampino
New York University
Mass Extinctions of Life, Flood-Basalt Volcanism and Cosmic Impacts V
Nov. 6
Karen Lips University of Maryland
Emerging Infectious Diseases and Impacts on Biodiversity V
Nov. 13 Ric Mixter
The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigations
Nov. 20
Thomas Holtz
University of Maryland
Dinosaurs Red in Tooth and Claw: New Discoveries in the Evolution and Adaptations of Carnivorous Dinosaurs V
Nov. 27
No colloquium

Dec. 4
Jacqueline Grebmeier University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Biological Time Series Observations in the Pacific Arctic: A Key to Understanding Ecosystem Change V
Dec. 11
Genevera Allen
Rice University Data-Driven  Discoveries and Scientific Reproducibility
Dec. 18, 25
Jan 1, 2020
No colloquia
Jan. 8
Gerald Wilkinson
University of Maryland
Amazing Facts about Vampires and other Bats
Jan. 15
No Colloquium

Jan. 22
Shep Doeleman
Harvard University
Imaging a Black Hole with the Event Horizon Telescope

Jan. 29
Amy Mainzer
University of Arizona
Searching for Potentially Earth-Impacting Asteroids and Comets
Feb. 5
No Colloquium

Feb. 12
Nathan Steiger
Columbia University
Coupled Megadrought Risk in North and South America

Feb. 19
Zaven Arzoumanian
Keith Gendreau
Goddard Space Flight Center
A NICER View: Physics and Astrophysics from the International Space Station

Feb. 26
Adam McKay
American University and Goddard Space Flight Center
The Composition of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov: Insights into Planet Formation in Other Planetary Systems

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