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The Fall_Winter Colloquium series has now concluded.  The Goddard Library has digitized some of the colloquium recordings and made them available on the Web in a streaming video format.  Due to technical issues and limitations in permission by the speakers, not all videos are available outside Goddard. Click on the symbol in the right column to view the video of that talk: H = high resolution, L = low resolution.  Please note: connecting at speeds lower than 56 K may result in only the audio being transmitted.
Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Video
Sept. 8 Bruce Margon University. of Washington The Universe in Ten Terabytes: 
 Scientific Results from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Sept. 15 Steve Ostro Jet Propulsion Laboratory Strange Worlds: Radar Encounters with 
 Earth-Approaching Asteroids
Sept. 22 Dava Sobel    Galileo's Daughter
Sept. 29 Nima Arkani-Hamed University of California, Berkeley  How to Make Gravity Join the Other Forces of Nature at a 
 Reasonable Energy:  Localizing Gravitons in an Extra Dimension
Oct. 6 Michael Marder  University of Texas  How Things Break
Oct. 13 Max Tegmark University of Pennsylvania  Zeroing in on Cosmological Parameters
Oct. 20 Lincoln Brower  Sweet Briar College Biological Studies of the Migration of the Monarch Butterfly
Oct. 27 Maria Zuber MIT Seasonal Variations, Climate Change and the Thermal History of
 Mars from Mars Global Surveyor Topography and Gravity
Nov. 3 Lynn Margulis University of Massachusetts WILLIAM NORDBERG MEMORIAL LECTURE
New Gaia: Living Earth from Space
Nov. 10       NO Colloquium - holiday   
Nov. 17 Michael West Advanced Cell Technology Telomeres, Cellular Immortality, and Cloning:
 Opportunities and Challenges
Nov. 24       NO Colloquium (Thanksgiving)   
Dec. 1 Barbara Thompson NASA/GSFC Sun Storms - The Science of Space Weather Eruptions
Dec. 8 Erik Larson    Isaac's Storm: the Galveston Hurricane of 1900
Dec. 15 Norden Huang NASA/GSFC Applications of the Hilbert-Huang Transform
Dec. 22, 29       NO Colloquia (holidays)  
Jan. 5 Suzanne Lomax National Gallery of Art The Application of Chemistry to the Examination of Works of Art
Jan. 12 Ken Nealson Jet Propulsion Laboratory Extremophiles - POSTPONED 
Jan. 19 Donald Gurnett University of Iowa Magnetospheric Radio and Plasma Waves Throughout
       the Solar System
Jan. 26 Daniel Lavanchy World Health Organization Epidemics: Properties, Surveillance and Early Warnings
Feb. 2 Bruno Coppi MIT Theoretical and Experimental Results in Fusion Research:  Related Issues in Astrophysics
Feb. 9 Richard Mushotzky NASA/GSFC The X-Ray Background - A Year of Discovery
Feb. 16 Andrew Westphal University of California, Berkeley The Origin of Galactic Cosmic Rays: New Results from the Russian Space Station
Feb. 23 James Burch Southwest Research Institute "First Light" from the IMAGE Spacecraft

Goddard Scientific Colloquium Committee
Bob Cahalan              Barbara Giles               John Pearl
Jim Collatz                 Demos Kazanas           Jerry Soffen
Joe Dolan                  Paul Lowman               Caroline Stahle
Jim Foster                  Steve Maran                Dave Thompson, Chair.

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