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The Spring Series has concluded.  Thank you for attending.  The Scientific Colloquium will resume in September, 2002.

NEW!   The Goddard Library has made streaming video available for some colloquia by clicking on the V in the column to the right of the topic.  Due to speakers' authorizations, some videos are not playable outside Goddard.  Please note: connection speeds lower than 56 K may be able to handle only the audio portion of the transmission. Some videos are also available for Fall 2001 and Spring 2001. Coming soon - links to videos of older Scientific Colloquia.

For the time being, access to Goddard Space Flight Center is limited to those holding Goddard badges or official visitors.  You can become an official visitor by finding a badged Goddard employee to escort you.  The Scientific Colloquium Committee cannot promise to provide escorts.  We regret the inconvenience to our regular guests.

Due to continued construction in Building 3, the Colloquium will be held in the Building 8 auditorium, except as noted.

Coffee and tea will be served at 3:00 p.m., courtesy of GEWA.   If you plan to attend and do not have a NASA
badge, please contact Carol Krueger, at (301) 286-6878, at least 24 hours beforehand. To be added to our mailing list, call
the same number.
Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Video
Feb. 8 Luann Becker University of California, Santa Barbara Evidence for Impact-Generated Extinctions (Slides)  
Feb. 15 Mark Norell American Museum of Natural History Feathered Dinosaurs
Feb. 22 J. Hunter Waite, Jr. University of Michigan Jupiter's Aurora
Mar. 1 Paul Spudis Lunar and Planetary Institute New Views of the Moon -- BUILDING 3 AUDITORIUM
Mar. 8 Emma Brown   What Burns Me about the Way We Fight Wildfires -- BUILDING 3 AUDITORIUM
Mar. 15 David Williams University of Rochester The Limits of Human Vision
Mar. 22 Mark Sykes Steward Observatory Exploring Main Belt Asteroids
Mar. 29 Avi Loeb Harvard University The First Sources of Light and the Reionization of the Universe
Apr. 5 Richard Cytowic   Synesthesia: Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes
Apr. 12 Paul Steinhardt Princeton University The Endless Universe
Apr. 19 Cindy Lee Van Dover College of William and Mary Deep-Ocean Journeys: Volcanoes and Life
Apr. 26 Mike Rampino New York University Volcanic Eruptions and their Effects on Climate
May 3 William Dunham Muhlenberg College Newton's (Original) Method - or - Though This be Method, yet There's Madness in't
May 10 Peter Ward University of Washington Rare Earth, Rare Life, and How It All Might End - CANCELLED, WILL BE  RE-SCHEDULED
May 17 V.  Ramanathan Scripps Institution Aerosols and Climate - A Hazy Future for the Blue Planet?
May 24 David Charbonneau California Institute of Technology  Extrasolar Planets and the Power of the Dark Side
May 31 Kip Thorne California Institute of Technology THE JOHN C. LINDSAY MEMORIAL LECTURE
LISA and LIGO: Probing the Universe with Gravitational Waves

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