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Videotapes (VHS Format) of Scientific Colloquia are available in the Goddard Library.  They may be checked out with a Goddard library card or viewed in the Library. For further information, contact the Goddard Library Patron Services Desk at (301) 286-7218.
Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Sept. 11 Jim Hartz & Rick Chappell Vanderbilt University Worlds Apart: How the Distance Between Science and
Journalism Threatens America's Future
Sept. 18 Brian Marsden Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Potentially Hazardous Asteroids: '2028' and All That
Sept. 25 Douglas Ubelaker Smithsonian Institution Forensic Anthropology: Dead Men Tell Tales
Oct. 2 Richard Hoover Marshall Space Flight Center Are There Really Any Living Things in Meteorites?
Oct. 9 Ken Jezek Ohio State University Mapping Antarctica: The New Results from Radarsat
Oct. 16 Owen Brian Toon University of Colorado, Boulder Aerosols and Climate: Unsolved Problems, from the Possible Impact of Aviation on Climate to the Faint Young Sun Paradox
Oct. 23 Andrea Gore Mount Sinai School of Medicine The Role of Estrogen Over a Lifetime of Changes - Puberty, Fertility, Menopause
Oct. 30 Matthew Golombek Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mars Pathfinder Update
Nov. 6 Robert Bakker University of Colorado Birds! Dinosaurs or Not?
Nov. 13 Lonnie Thompson Ohio State University WILLIAM NORDBERG MEMORIAL LECTURE
Global Climate Change, Past and Present
Nov. 20 Mark Cane Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 
of Columbia University
Prospects for Improving Forecasts of ENSO (El Niño and the Southern Oscillation) and its Global Consequences
Nov. 27 no colloquium (Thanksgiving)
Dec. 4 Stanley Whitcomb California Institute of Technology Searching for Gravitational Waves with the Laser Interferometer 
Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO)
Dec. 11 Howard Bond Space Telescope Science Institute Planetary Nebulae with Hubble Space Telescope
Dec. 18, 25
Jan. 1 
no colloquia
Jan. 8 Laura Landweber Princeton University DNA, Cells, and Computation
Jan. 15 Heidi Hammel Massachusetts Institute of Technology Exploring the Giant Planets with Hubble Space Telescope
Jan. 22 William Phillips National Institute for Standards and Technology Almost Absolute Zero: the Story of Laser Cooling and Trapping
Jan. 29 Michael Malin Malin Space Science Systems Rocks and Shocks: High Resolution Photographic Investigation of Mars

All colloquia will be held in the Building 3 Auditorium at 3:30 p.m. Coffee and tea will be served in the Lobby beforehand, courtesy of GEWA. If you plan to attend and do not have a NASA badge, please contact Carol Krueger, at (301) 286-6878, at least 24 hours beforehand. To be added to our mailing list, call the same number.

Goddard Scientific Colloquium Committee
Bob Cahalan             Paul Lowman              John Pearl
Jim Collatz                 Bob MacDowall         Jerry Soffen
Joe Dolan                  Steve Maran               Caroline Stahle
Demos Kazanas       Claire Parkinson         Dave Thompson, Chair.

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