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Fall - Winter 2005 - 2006

The Fall series has now ended.  Please see for the current schedule.

The Goddard Library has made streaming video available for some colloquia by clicking on the V in the column to the right of the topic.  Due to speakers' authorizations, some videos are not playable outside Goddard.  Please note: connection speeds lower than 56 K may be able to handle only the audio portion of the transmission. Some videos are also available for Spring 2005, Fall 2004, Spring 2004Fall 2003,  Spring 2003,  Fall 2002, Spring 2002, Fall 2001, Spring 2001, and Fall 2000.
Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Video
Oct. 7 Antonio Busalacchi University of Maryland Climate Variability and Marine Ecosystems: The Role of Forcings and Feedback

Oct. 14
Ryan Scranton
University of Pittsburgh
Cosmic Magnification Seen by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Oct. 21
Xiaohui Fan
Steward Observatory Probing the End of Cosmic Dark Ages with the Most Distant Quasars V
Oct. 28
Ben Chao
Earth's Changing Rotation and Gravity Field
Nov. 4
Brian Atwater U.S. Geological Survey/ University of  Washington
The Orphan Tsunami of 1700 V
Nov. 11
No Colloquium

Nov. 18
James Hansen
Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Is There Still Time to Avoid Dangerous Human-Made Interference with Climate?
Text and slides available HERE (5.5 MB PDF)
Nov. 25
No Colloquium
Dec. 2
Norman Ness
Bartol Research Institute
Voyager I Exits the Heliosphere by Crossing the Termination Shock
Dec. 9
J. Michael Shull
University of Colorado
Searching between the Galaxies:  Missing Baryons in the Intergalactic Medium
Dec. 16
Douglas Osheroff Stanford University
Understanding The Columbia Shuttle Accident And Its Impact On The Future Of Human Space Flight V
Dec. 23
Dec. 30
Jan. 6

No Colloquia

Jan. 13
Fred Lamb
University of Illinois
The Impact of Rossi XTE on General Relativistic and High Energy Astrophysics
Jan. 20
Christof Koch
California Institute of Technology
The Quest for Consciousness---A Neurobiological Approach V
Jan. 27
James Smith
Space Based Ornithology -- On the Wings of Migration and Biophysics V
Feb. 3
Tom Brown
Space Telescope Science Institute
The Age of Andromeda
Feb. 10
Penelope Boston
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
The Planet Within: Cave Habitats from Earth to Mars and Beyond V
Feb. 17
John Rundle
University of California, DaviS Earthquake Forecasting on Complex Multiscale Earthquake Fault Systems: Progress and Prospects V
Feb. 24
Hasso Niemann
Huygens and Cassini Results at Titan
Mar. 3
Harold Weaver, Jr.
Applied Physics Laboratory
Pluto: Gateway to the Solar System's Third Zone

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