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The Fall Colloquium series has concluded. The Goddard Library has digitized some of the colloquium recordings and made them available on the Web in a streaming video format.  Due to limitations in authorization by the speakers, not all videos are available outside Goddard. Click on the symbol in the right column to view the video of that talk: H = high resolution, L = low resolution, M = multibit resolution (self-adjusting).  Please note: connecting at speeds lower than 56 K may result in only the audio being transmitted.
Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Video
Sep. 14 Victor Ramanathan Scripps Institution Aerosols and Climate - A Hazy Future for the Blue Planet? -POSTPONED UNTIL SPRING
Sep. 21 Virginia Trimble University of California, Irvine Triumphs of 20th Century Astronomy   H, L
Sep. 28 Charles Wood Biosphere 2 Science Education and History at Biosphere 2
Oct. 5 Charles Whitney Harvard University The Milky Way: An Elephant in the Sky  H, L
Oct. 12 Bruce Kane University of Maryland Silicon-Based Quantum Computing  H, L
Oct. 19 James Fleming Colby College Carbon Dioxide and Climate: the First 100 Years  
Oct. 26 Wallace Broecker Columbia University Circulation Pattern in the Glacial Ocean  H, L
Nov. 2 Herbert Frey Goddard Space Flight Center Buried Ancient Lowlands on Mars: Laser Altimetry,
   Hidden Craters, and  Primordial Crustal Dichotomy
 H, L
Nov. 9 William Wergin Department of Agriculture Structure and Metamorphosis of Frozen Precipitation as Observed with Low Temperature Scanning Electron Microscopy    M
Nov. 16 Michael King Goddard Space Flight Center THE WILLIAM NORDBERG MEMORIAL LECTURE
A Perspective of Our Planet’s Atmosphere, Land, and Oceans: 
A View from Space
Nov. 23 No Colloquium - Holiday    
Nov. 30 Susan Stranahan   Chesapeake Bay - The Sediment Problem    M
Dec. 7 Yee Jack Ng University of North Carolina Quantum Foam    M
Dec. 14 Marzia Rosati Iowa State University Little Big Bangs at the PHENIX Experiment at the Brookhaven Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider    M
Dec. 21, 28, Jan. 4 No Colloquia - Holidays    
Jan. 11 Timothy Allen University of Wisconsin Complexity of Organization and the Cycles of Human History
Jan. 18 Daniel Jacob Harvard University Atmospheric Chemistry: from Air Pollution to Global Change and Back
Jan. 25 Gerard Williger Johns Hopkins University Large Scale Structure at z=1.2 Outlined by MgII Absorbers
Feb. 1 Gregory Chaitin IBM Research Division Paradoxes of Randomness    M
Feb. 8 Luann Becker University of California, Santa Barbara Evidence for Impact-Generated Extinctions

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