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Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Video
Sept. 13 Edward  Stone California Institute of Technology The Heliosphere - Love It or Leave It
Sept. 20 Darrel Williams, Vincent Salomonson
David Skole
Michigan State University
LANDSAT at 30 - Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future
Sept. 27 Robert Lin University of California, Berkeley  Views from the Sun and Other Gamma-Ray Emitters - First Results from RHESSI
Oct. 4 Floyd Stecker GSFC  Exploring Galaxy Evolution with High Energy Gamma Rays
Oct. 11 Steven Zubrick National Weather Service The Washington DC Tornado of 24 September 2001: Pre-Storm Environment and Radar Perspectives Plus a Preliminary Look at the 28 April La Plata Maryland F4 Tornado 
Oct. 18 Ray Jayawardhana University of Michigan Probing the Origins of Planetary Systems
Oct. 25 John Mather GSFC The James Webb  Space Telescope and Beyond
Nov. 1 Erast Gliner A. Ioffe Institute Significant Problems with the Current Theory of Inflationary Cosmology
Nov. 8 Hamish Robertson University of Washington  SNO Flies: The Solar Neutrino Problem Resolved
Nov. 15 Eric Adelberger University of Washington THE WILLIAM NORDBERG MEMORIAL LECTURE
Using Laser-ranging to the Moon to Test Fundamental Questions about Gravity
Nov. 22 Sheldon Rampton Center for Media and Democracy Public Relations Manipulation of Science
Nov. 29 No Colloquium - Holiday      
Dec. 6 Steward Pickett Institute for Ecosystem Studies The Structure and Function of Metropolitan Baltimore as an Ecological System
Dec. 13, 20, 27
Jan. 3, 2003
No Colloquium - Holiday      
Jan. 10 Neil Ashby Uuniversity of Colorado  Large and Small Relativistic Effects in the Global Positioning System
Jan. 17 Judith Lean Naval Research Laboratory Solar Forcing of Climate - the Previous Millenium, the Coming Millenium
Jan. 24 Vera Rubin Carnegie Institution of Washington A Brief History of Dark Matter
Jan. 31 Harry McSween, Jr. University of Tennessee The Rocks of Mars, from Far and Near
Feb. 7 Ron Dick - POSTPONED Royal Air Force (retired) The Schneider Trophy: Advances in Aviation 1913-1931
Feb. 14 Joanna Aizenberg Bell Laboratories Arms with Eyes: the Visual System of a Starfish
Feb. 21 Charles Bennett  GSFC Taking the Measure of the Universe - NOTE: BUILDING 8 AUDITORIUM
Feb. 28 Ron Dick - POSTPONED Royal Air Force (retired) The Schneider Trophy: Advances in Aviation 1913-1931  

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