Spring 2012 - The series has now ended.


All Colloquia will be held at 3:30 p.m. on Fridays in the Building 3 (Goett) auditorium, except as noted.

If you would like to attend and do not have a NASA badge, please contact the Scientific Colloquium at (301) 286-0660 or by e-mail (click here), more than 48 hours beforehand. Use the same contact information to be added to our mailing list.  Access to Goddard Space Flight Center is limited to those holding Goddard badges or official visitors.  You can become an official visitor by finding a badged Goddard employee to escort you.  The Scientific Colloquium Committee cannot promise to provide escorts. 

The Goddard Library has made streaming video available for most of our recent colloquia -- click on the V in the column to the right of the topic.  Due to speakers' authorizations, some videos are not playable outside Goddard.  Please note: connection speeds lower than 56 K may be able to handle only the audio portion of the transmission. Some videos are also available for Fall 2011  Spring 2011, Fall 2010Spring 2010Fall 2009, Spring 2009, Fall 2008, Spring 2008,  Fall 2007Spring 2007Fall 2006Spring 2006,  Fall 2005, Spring 2005, Fall 2004, Spring 2004Fall 2003,  Spring 2003,  Fall 2002, Spring 2002, Fall 2001, Spring 2001, and Fall 2000.

Current Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Video
Feb. 17
Frank Hill
National Solar Observatory
Global Flows in the Sun and their Relationship to the Activity Cycle
Feb. 24
Anna Frebel
Harvard University
Stellar Archaeology: New Science with Old Stars
Mar. 2
No Colloquium
Mar. 9
Lora Koenig
Goddard Space Flight Center
Cold Facts: Snow Accumulation Research in West Antarctica
Mar. 16
Robert Houze
University of Washington
TRMM Insights into Recent Floods in India and Pakistan     V
Mar. 23
Michael Blanpied
United States Geological Survey
The Virginia Earthquakes of August, 2011     V
Mar. 30
Tod Strohmayer
Jean Swank
Goddard Space Flight Center
Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer: Taking the Pulse of the Universe
Apr. 6
No Colloquium

Apr. 13
Niel Brandt
Pennsylvania State University
A Good Hard Look at Cosmic Supermassive Black Hole Growth
Apr. 20
No Colloquium

Apr. 27
Kathyrn Zurek
University of Michigan
Theories of Dark Matter and Their Observational and Experimental Signatures
May 4
Claire Parkinson
Goddard Space Flight Center
Aqua at Ten Years and Counting
May 11
Lindy Elkins-Tanton
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Processing Volatiles in Terrestrial Planets during Accretion: Setting the Stage for Plate Tectonics
May 18
David Burrows
Pennsylvania State University
Swift J164449.3+573451: Death Throes of an Unlucky Star

May 25
No Colloquium

May 31
Special Day
James Dickson
University of Glasgow
Why Ancient Glacier Mummies Are so Important: the Intestinal Contents are Encoded Maps and Diaries
June 1
No Colloquium

The previously scheduled talk has been postponed until the Fall series.

June 8
Elizabeth Middleton
Goddard Space Flight Center
Advancing Study of Ecosystems from Space with Spectroscopy

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