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The Spring Colloquium series has now concluded.  The Goddard Library has digitized some of the colloquium recordings and made them available on the Web in a streaming video format.  Due to technical issues and limitations in permission by the speakers, not all videos are available outside Goddard. Click on the symbol in the right column to view the video of that talk: H = high resolution, L = low resolution.  Please note: connecting at speeds lower than 56 K may result in only the audio being transmitted.
Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Video
Feb. 16 Andrew Westphal University of California, Berkeley The Origin of Galactic Cosmic Rays: New Results from the Russian Space Station  H
Feb. 23 James Burch Southwest Research Institute "First Light" from the IMAGE Spacecraft  H,L
Mar. 2 Todd Tripp Princeton University The Census of Matter in the Nearby Universe: The Intergalactic Population  H,L
Mar. 9 E. Sterl Phinney Cal Tech LISA and the Promise of Low-Frequency Gravitational Wave Astronomy  H,L
Mar. 16 William Kuperman Scripps Institution Time Reversal Acoustics in the Ocean  H,L
Mar. 23 Mark Tilden Los Alamos  Nervous Networks and the Architecture of "Living" Machines  H,L
Mar. 30 Shrinivas Kulkarni California Institute of Technology Gamma Ray Bursts: The Brightest Explosions in the Universe  H, L
Apr. 6 Larry Mintz University of Maryland Humor as a Social and Cultural Phenomenon  H,L
Apr. 13 Terrie Williams University of California , 
Santa Cruz
Seals in Space:  Marine Mammal Strategies for Cost Efficient Locomotion in 3 Dimensions  H,L
Apr. 20 William Hartmann Planetary Science Institute Recent Geological Activity on Mars  H,L
Apr. 27 Eric Green National Institutes of Health Sequencing the Human Genome:  Elucidating Our Genetic Blueprint  H,L
May 4 William Schopf UCLA Discovery of Earth's Earliest Fossils -- Solution to Darwin's Dilemma  H, L
May 11 Brian Rose University of Cincinnati Archaeology at Troy  H,L
May 18 Michael Molnar Rutgers University The Star of Bethlehem  H,L
May 25 Brian Holmes San Jose State University The Physics of Brass Musical Instruments: What Do Horn Players Do with their Right Hand Anyway?  H,L
Jun. 1 Raymond Chiao University of California, Berkeley Faster-than-c Propagation Effects and their Possible Applications  
Our Galaxy - in Three Dimensions

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