DATEFIRSTLASTINSTITUTETITLE - Talks through the end of Fall 2001 series
01/29/88Michael F.A'HearnU. MarylandScientific Results from Halley's Comet
03/19/71George O.AbellUC-Los AngelesCritical Discussion of the Extra-Galactic Distance Scale
02/18/66Philip H.AbelsonCarnegie-GLOrigin of Life in the Solar System
11/12/76Philip H.AbelsonCarnegie-GLWorld Energy During the Next Two Decades
10/28/94MarcAbrahamsMITThe Best From the Journal of Irreproducible Results
05/01/92HelmutAbtKitt Peak Nat. Obs.Contemporary & Future Scientific Publication & Data Distribution
03/19/93LorenActonLockheed Palo AltoX Ray Movies of the Sun
05/15/98MarioAcunaGSFCMagnetic Mars
11/19/82MarioAcunaGSFCSaturn's Magnetosphere: Interaction with Saturn's Moons
02/18/2000Mario AcunaGSFCUpdate on Mars Magnetism
11/05/93RobertAdairYaleThe Physics of Baseball
01/27/67IsidoreAdlerGSFCScientific Lunar Exploration--Wherefore and Where To?
02/06/70IsidoreAdlerGSFCSummary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Sample Analyses
05/05/67YakirAharonovYeshiva, NYSuperselection Rules
02/07/92DanielAlbrittonNOAA Aeronomy LabGreenhouse Effect: What We Know & Don't Know, How We'll Learn More
10/07/94CharlesAlcockLawrence LivermoreMicrolensing and MACHOS
05/09/75Joseph K.AlexanderGSFCNew Vistas in Planetary Radio Astronomy
03/04/77Shelton S.AlexanderPenn StateCrustal Structure of Eastern U.S. and Location of Nuclear Reactors
09/21/73HannesAlfvenUC-San DiegoSpace Research and the Origin of the Solar System
01/07/77HannesAlfvenUC-San DiegoThe Evolution of the Solar System
12/08/78Clarence R.AllenCaltechAdvances in Earthquake Hazard Evaluation
01/11/2002TimothyAllenU. WisconsinComplexity of Organization and the Cycles of Human History
04/10/70Lawrence H.AllerUC-Los AngelesPlanetary Nebulae
02/18/94RichardAlleyPenn StateAbrupt Climate Changes in Greenland
01/08/82WalterAlvarezUC-BerkeleyDeath of the Dinosaurs
03/15/68EdwardAndersChicagoAges, Orbits, and Origin of Meteorites
03/29/85JamesAndersonHarvardStratospheric Research: From Description to Prediction
03/05/93PhilipAndersonPrincetonHigh Temperature Superconductivity
06/05/92Don L.Anderson*CaltechPlumes, Plates, and Deep Earth Structure
09/14/79RobertAnnanDept. of EnergyToward a Solar Future
10/02/81John O.AnnexstadJohnson Space Ctr.The Antarctic Meteorites: Search and Discovery
04/15/94StuartAnstisUCal/San DiegoTo Understand Visualization, It Helps to Understand Vision
09/27/74John R.ApelNOAA-MiamiOcean Science from Space: Air, Earth, Fire, and Now Water
02/16/90John R.ApelAPLMapping the Ocean Surface with Imaging Radars
09/29/2000Nima Arkani-HamedLawrence Berkeley LabHow to Make Gravity Join the Other Forces of Nature at a Reasonable Energy: Localizing Gravitons in an Extra Dimension
12/12/75James R.ArnoldUC-San DiegoMeteorites and the Origin of the Solar System
04/30/71Halton C.ArpHale Obs.Quasars, Galaxies and Redshifts
12/14/84RichardAscioneNIHGenetics of Cancer
09/24/71R. GrantAthayBoulder-HAORecent Developments in Solar Atmospheric Physics
02/17/78DavidAtlasGSFCFrom Angels to CAT
05/14/93DavidAtlasGSFCFootprints of Storms in Sea: View from Spaceborne Syn.Aper.Radar
04/23/99RobertAtlas (Joint)GSFCUse of Satellite Observations in Support of Weather and Short-Term Climate Prediction
11/03/92NormanAugustineMartin MariettaSPACEFLIGHT: Lessons of Past & Opportunities of Next Millennium
12/12/69W. IanAxfordUC-San DiegoThe Polar Wind
05/19/86W. IanAxfordESAFirst Results from the Giotto Encounter with Comet Halley
04/06/90GeorgeBackusUC-San DiegoThe Magnetic Jerk of 1970: Geophysical Evidence and Implications
10/08/93FrancesBagenalUniv. ColoradoThe Peculiar Role of Io in the Magnetosphere of Jupiter
12/06/96JonathanBaggerJohns HopkinsThe Problem of Mass
03/14/97JohnBahcallInst. Adv. StudySolar Neutrinos
04/27/79John N.BahcallPrinceton-IASSolar Neutrinos
05/08/92John N.BahcallPrinceton-IASHow Does the Sun Shine?
11/16/84Neta A.BahcallSTScISuperclusters and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe
05/28/93PerBakBrookhavenSelf Organized Criticality
10/13/89Daniel F.BakerGSFCMagnetospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Research
03/04/94VictorBakerUniv. ArizonaOceans on Mars
04/11/75Ralph B.BaldwinOliver Mach.The Moon--Before and After Apollo
12/01/95SallieBaliunasHarvard-SmithsonianSolar Variability and Global Climate Change
01/25/80RobertBallardWoods HoleViewing the Ocean Bottom
03/04/83Thomas F.BanchoffBrownThe Fourth Dimension and Computer Animated Geometry
04/16/82William R.BandeenGSFCEarly Meteorological Observations from Space
05/31/96BradleyBarberAT&T Lucent LabsSonoluminescence: Light from Sound
05/04/90TimBarnettScrippsCan We Detect the Greenhouse Gas Signal in the World's Oceans?
11/21/97JohnBarossU. WashingtonLife at the Bottom of the Ocean
03/01/68Alan H.BarrettMITMasers & Mysterium--Observations of Interstellar Hydroxyl Radicals
09/16/77Eric C.BarrettUK-BristolImproved Rainfall Assessment w/ Conventional Sources & Satellites
10/05/84EricBarronBoulder-NCARClimate Change over the Million Year Time Scale
11/08/96EricBarronPenn StatePredicting Changes in River Basin Hydrology...
03/02/73Charles A.BarthBoulder-UCMariner 9 UV Measurements of Mars
05/24/96GiborBasriU.Cal. BerkeleyBrown Dwarfs for Real
05/06/88MariaBastilloGenetics/IVF Inst.New Frontiers in Assisted Human Reproduction
10/20/67Louis J.BattanArizonaWeather Modification: Past and Present
03/29/74Siegfried J.BauerGSFCThe Ionospheres of the Planets
12/15/78Siegfried J.BauerGSFCFirst Results from the Pioneer Venus Missions
11/18/66DonaldBeattieNASA HQPost-Apollo Lunar Exploration
02/08/2002LuannBeckerU. Cal, Santa BarbaraEvidence for Impact-Generated Extinctions
01/25/85CharlesBeichmanJPLExtragalactic Sources in the IRAS Survey
01/17/69P. R.BellManned Spacecraft CEvidence for Water on the Moon
04/11/80Peter M.BellCarnegie-GLUltra High Pressure Experiments--Application to Earth and Planets
02/09/68Michael J. S.BeltonKPNOClouds on Venus
04/23/71Carl S.BensonAlaskaPolar Glaciology and Ice Fog
05/21/82Edward R.BentonBoulder-UCEarth's Core: Clues to the Origin of its Magnetic Field
11/01/68Peter G.BergmannSyracuseTheories of Gravitation
12/08/89Richard B.BernsteinUCLAArranging Collisions Between Molecules and Surfaces
03/10/99GiovanniBignamiItalian Space AgencyComets, Planets, and the Sky: Italy's Roots in Space
09/15/78Giovanni F.BignamiItaly-MilanGamma Ray Astronomy Revisited: from Our Galaxy to Other Galaxies
01/09/76JohnBillinghamAmes Research Ctr.Interstellar Communication and Project Cyclops
11/16/90RobertBindschadlerGSFCStability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
03/18/88Richard P.BinzelPSI-TucsonA New Look at Pluto
10/31/75Thomas J.BirminghamGSFCJupiter's Magnetosphere in Light of Pioneers 10 and 11
05/20/66Amasa S.BishopAECRoadblocks in the Path of Controlled Fusion
04/23/93DavidBlackLunar & Plan.Inst.Planets of Other Stars
04/08/66Jacques E.BlamontFrance-NCSRDynamics of the Lower Ionosphere
02/02/90Roger D.BlandfordCaltechGamma-Ray Burst Models
02/16/68Robert C.BlessWisconsinUltraviolet Stellar Astronomy
03/02/90LeoBlitzU. MarylandThe Bar in the Center of the Galaxy
05/29/98JohnBlondinNorth Carolina StateSupercomputer Simulations of Gas Flows in Binary Star Systems
03/06/92Howard B.BluesteinU. OklahomaTornadoes in the Southern Plains: Visual Obs. & Meteorolog. Meas.
02/03/67HarryBlumAFCRLProcesses in Perception
09/17/99BaruchBlumbergAstrobiology InstituteThe Discovery of the Hepatitis B Virus and the Invention of a Vaccine to Prevent Cancer
01/07/2000MartinBlumeAmer. Phys. Soc.The Physical Review and Scientific Publishing: Past and Future
09/08/78AlbertBoggessGSFCObserving with IUE (International Ultraviolet Explorer)
03/03/2000CraigBohrenPenn State U.Green Thunderstorms
05/11/90CraigBohrenPenn StateAll That's Best of Dark and Bright (Atmospheric Optics)
05/12/67Bart J.BokArizonaThe Spiral Structure of Our Galaxy
04/27/73Bart J.BokArizonaThe Birth of Stars
03/31/78Elihu A.BoldtGSFCThe New Era in X-Ray Astronomy
12/11/98HowardBondSpace Telescope Sci. Inst.Planetary Nebulae with Hubble Space Telescope
04/15/88RogerBonnetESA-ParisFundamental Science & Space Science within the Horizon 2000 Progrm
10/22/93DanBooneWilderness SocietyOld Growth Forests
02/07/75JanBorgmanNetherl.-GroningenFirst Results from the Astronomical Netherlands Satellite
03/17/78Jay P.BorisNRLUses of High-Speed Computers for Simulating Physical Systems
10/31/86Thomas J.BouchardU. MinnesotaIdentical Twins Reared Apart: How Similar are They?
02/11/66RobertBourdeauGSFCThe Earth's Ionosphere
10/24/69SidneyBowhillIllinoisThe Chemistry of the Lower Ionosphere
03/17/95MarkBowickSyracuseCosmic Cracks in Liquid Crystals--the Universe in a Drop
12/12/86StuartBowyerUC-BerkeleyThe Cosmic Far Ultraviolet Background
12/14/79Larry H.BraceGSFCSolar Wind Interactions w/ Venus Ionosphere--Pioneer Venus Orbiter
01/19/79Hale V. D.BradtMITBlack Holes, Neutron Stars, Quasars: SAS-3 & HEAO-1 X-Ray Astronm.
02/02/73John C.BrandtGSFCRock Art Astronomy
02/15/80John C.BrandtGSFCThe Plasma Tails of Comets: How They Come and Go
04/04/86John C.BrandtGSFCFirst Spacecraft Results from Halley's Comet
09/27/85John C.BrandtGSFCThe ICE Encounter with Comet Giacobini-Zinner
12/04/70Lewis M.BranscombNBSA National Policy for Applied Science
03/09/84KennethBrecherGSFC & Boston Coll.Which Came First---the Universe or the Laws of Physics?
11/04/83Francis P.BrethertonBoulder-NCAROceanography from Space
01/15/93Francis P.BrethertonWisconsinSources of Uncertainty in Predictions of Global Warming
05/27/88RobinBrettUSGS-RestonField Trip to a Mid-Ocean Ridge
01/12/68Neil M.BriceCornellMagnetospheric Substorms, Van Allen Radiation, & the Polar Aurora
02/12/82Alan H.BridleNRAO-NMJets in Radio Galaxies
02/19/71Stanley J.BrodskyStanfordThe Present and Future State of Quantum Electrodynamics
10/26/2001Wallace BroeckerColumbiaCirculation Pattern in the Glacial Ocean
10/04/68Wallace S.BroeckerColumbia-LamontGlacial Cycles and Their Causes
01/12/79Wallace S.BroeckerColumbiaCarbon Dioxide, the Oceans and Climate
11/19/93WallyBroeckerLamont-Doherty Geo.What Do Paleoclimatic Data Tell Us About Expected Future Climate
10/20/2000Lincoln BrowerSweet BriarBiological Studies of the Migration of the Monarch Butterfly
02/04/72Stephen G.BrushMarylandRelations Between Planetary Science & "Pure" Science in 19th Cent.
05/15/70Reid A.BrysonWisconsinOur Changing Climate
02/05/93PhilipBucksbaumMichiganAtoms in Really Intense Light
03/25/77EdwardBullardUC-San DiegoOrigin of the Earth's Magnetic Field
05/10/74E. MargaretBurbidgeUC-San DiegoThe Redshift Controversy
04/05/68E. MargaretBurbidgeUC-San DiegoThe Spectra of Quasi-Stellar Objects
10/22/76GeoffreyBurbidgeUC-San DiegoConfrontation of Cosmological Theories with Observational Data
06/14/85E. MargaretBurbidge*UC-San DiegoRadio Galaxies, Quasars and Jets
02/23/2001JamesBurchSouthwest Research Inst. "First Light" from the IMAGE Spacecraft
03/12/71Bernard F.BurkeMITLong-Baseline Interferometry
09/19/86Bernard F.BurkeMITGravitational Lenses
05/09/97KevinBurkeUniv. HoustonThe African Plate and Small Scale Convection...
09/30/77Kevin C.BurkeSUNY-AlbanyContinents in Collision: Tibet and the Himalayas
12/01/89Kevin C.BurkeNat.Acad.SciencesThe Origin of Mountains
05/01/98Joann BurkholderNorth Carolina StatePfiesteria Piscicida, Killer of Fish
03/23/84Leonard F.BurlagaGSFCA Voyage through the Heliosphere
02/11/77Leonard F.BurlagaGSFCMagnetic Fields and Winds in Interplanetary Space
05/28/99Jocelynn BellBurnellOpen U./PrincetonIn Pursuit of Pulsars
09/24/93DavidBursteinArizona St. Univ.Dark Matter, Galaxies, and the Universe
04/02/76W. ButlerBurtonNRAO-GreenbankIs There a Basic Spiral Pattern in Our Galaxy?
04/23/99Antonio Busalacchi (Joint)GSFCUse of Satellite Observations in Support of Weather and Short-Term Climate Prediction
02/27/76JohnCaldwellPrincetonThe Atmosphere of Titan
09/24/65A. G. W.CameronGISSX-Ray Astronomy
04/07/78A. G. W.CameronHarvardEarly History of the Solar System
04/18/97A.G.W.CameronHarvardFormation of the Solar System
02/22/74William J.CampbellUSGS-TacomaIce Dynamics
11/20/98MarkCaneLamont-Doherty Earth Ob.Prospects for Improving Forecasts of ENSO (El Nino and the Southern Oscillation) and its Global Consequences
05/23/80Russell D.CannonCanada-DAOExploring the Southern Sky--New Clues to Evolution of Galaxies
03/19/99JeanCarlsonU.Calif. Santa BarbaraDynamic Modeling of Earthquake Faults
04/26/85John B.CarlsonMarylandAztec Calendar: Man, State and Cosmos in Aztec Society
05/18/73George R.CarruthersNRLUV Photography from the Moon
03/26/99DanielCarterNew Century PharmaceuticalsGrowing Crystals in Microgravity
03/07/97Luigi LucaCavalli-SforzaStanfordGenes, People, and Languages
12/13/68JohnCerasoRutgersThe Interference Theory of Forgetting
09/17/82Catherine J.CesarskyFrance-SaclayGalactic Cosmic Ray Acceleration by Supernova Shocks
03/16/90Robert D.CessSUNY-Stony BrookThe Greenhouse Effect in Climate Models
04/05/85Robert D.CessSUNY-Stony BrookClimatic Feedback Mechanisms
02/01/2002GregoryChaitinIBM ResearchParadoxes of Randomness
11/13/92WilliamChameidesGeorgia TechSMOG: The "Bad" Ozone That Wouldn't Go Away
04/01/83Julius S.ChangLawrence LivermoreNuclear Explosions and Atmospheric Ozone
06/03/88Julius S.ChangSUNY-AlbanyModelling Deposition & Transport of Acidic Material in East U.S.
02/06/98ClarkChapmanSouthwest Res. Inst.Asteroids
06/01/84Robert D.ChapmanGSFCThe Mystery of the Eclipsing Binaries Epsilon and Zeta Aurigae
05/13/66SydneyChapmanBoulder-HAOAuroral Morphology and Magnetic Storms
09/11/98RickChappellVanderbilt U. Worlds Apart: How the Distance Between Science and Journalism Threatens America's Future
03/13/92Roger A.ChevalierU. VirginiaSupernova 1987A after 5 Years
06/01/2001RaymondChiaoU. Cal, BerkeleyFaster-than-c Propagation Effects and their Possible Applications
02/10/84Ralph J.CiceroneBoulder-NCARBiospheric Boundary Conditions for Atmospheric Chemistry
09/20/68George W.ClarkMITObservations of Galactic Gamma Rays on OSO-III
01/23/76George W.ClarkMITX-Rays from Gravitationally Collapsed Bodies
09/09/66John F.ClarkGSFCScientific Research at Goddard: Views and Discussions
11/11/77Thomas A.ClarkGSFCSounds of Space: Sounds of Earth
03/23/90GarryClarkeU. British ColumbiaSurging Glaciers
12/02/88Donald D.ClaytonRiceThe Solar Nebula and Before
10/01/65Thomas L.ClineGSFCCosmic Ray Electrons
05/21/76Thomas L.ClineGSFCThe Mystery of Gamma-Ray Bursts
04/11/69Preston E.Cloud,Jr.UC-Santa BarbaraThe Primitive Earth
09/16/88PaulCloutierRice U.Venus
05/09/69Arthur D.CodeWisconsinResults from the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (OAO-2)
06/01/90C. EdwardCoffeyDuke U.Electroconvulsive Therapy and Update
11/13/70SidneyCohenNIHDrug Abuse: Recent Developments
02/28/97Steven C.CohenGSFCPacific Plates Subduction: Regional Tectonics...
01/31/75Keith D.ColeAustralia-MelbourneMagnetic Storms
12/11/70Sidney R.ColemanHarvardRecent Developments in Particle Physics
01/15/71Stirling A.ColgateNew Mexico-IM&TCosmic Rays and Supernovae
12/07/90Stirling A.ColgateLos AlamosRadio Jets and High Energy Cosmic Rays
01/10/97FrancisCollinsNat. Ctr. Human GenThe Human Genome Project and the Future of Medicine
02/21/97RitaColwellUniv. MarylandTracking the Origins of Cholera
11/20/70Robert N.ColwellUC-BerkeleyThe Scientific Basis for Remotely Sensing Earth Resources
01/13/78Robert N.ColwellUC-BerkeleyRemote Sensing of Natural Resources
10/17/69BarryCommonerWash.U.-St.LouisPollution of the Environment
02/26/93RichardConnerHarvardDolphin Sex and Politics
01/20/95JackConnerneyGSFCImaging the Electrodynamic Behavior of Jupiter and Saturn
02/18/2000JackConnerneyGSFCUpdate on Mars Magnetism
05/08/81Peter S.ContiBoulder-JILANature and Evolution of the Most Massive Stars
02/20/76Robert S.CooperGSFCHigh Energy Laser Technology: a Review
02/02/2001BrunoCoppiMITTheoretical and Experimental Results in Fusion Research: Related Issues in Astrophysics
03/30/79Ferdinand V.CoronitiUC-Los AngelesGeomagnetic Substorms and Aurora
09/15/67StanleyCorrsinJohns HopkinsThe Nature of Turbulent Flow
10/21/83Anne P.CowleyArizona StateBlack Holes in the Large Magellanic Cloud
03/06/81R.CowsikMarylandElementary Particles and the Cosmos--A Complementary Relationship
10/24/80Allan V.CoxStanfordHow North America is Growing: Microplate Tectonics
01/10/69Allan V.CoxStanfordSea Floor Spreading and the Magnetic History of the Earth
09/24/99BradleyCoxU. VirginiaTime Reversal Violation
05/16/97JamesCroninUniv. ChicagoThe Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
04/21/89L. EugeneCroninCoastal ConsultantThe Geology and Ecology of the Chesapeake Bay
01/14/2000David CrossleySt. Louis U.The Superconducting Gravimeter as a Geophysical Tool
11/20/81JohnCrowellUC-Santa BarbaraThe San Andreas Fault
10/17/97TomCrowleyTexas A&MIce Ages in Earth History
02/21/75Dale P.CruikshankHawaiiRecent and Current Eruptions of Hawaiian Volcanoes
01/13/84Dale P.CruikshankHawaiiPluto and the Satellites of the Outer Planets
06/12/87PaulCrutzen*Max-Planck Inst.Ozone: Essential Gas in Atmosphere, Perturbed by Human Activities
12/12/97RobertCurlRiceThe Fullerenes: Discovery and Beyond
03/27/87GordonCutlerNIHPremature Puberty: New Insights
10/26/73AlexanderDalgarnoHarvardMolecular Processes in the Interstellar Medium
11/09/73Paul E.DamonArizonaCarbon-14 Dating: Geophysical and Astrophysical Implications
04/22/83EdwardDanielsonCaltechHow We Found Halley's Comet and Other Faint Objects
03/30/90ArnonDarGSFC & IsraelParticle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
01/31/92RaymondDattwylerSUNY-Stony BrookLyme Disease
01/18/80DouglasDavisGeorgia TechTrace Gases: What They tell Us about the Earth's Atmosphere
04/19/74LeverettDavisCaltechJupiter's Magnetic Field and Radiation Belts
10/21/66LeverettDavisCaltechThe Interplanetary Medium
04/24/87RaymondDavisPennsylvaniaSolar Neutrinos
10/06/72RaymondDavisBrookhavenSolar Neutrinos
05/09/69Robert J.DavisHarvard-SAOResults from the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (OAO-2)
11/06/81T. NeilDavisAlaskaAuroras
05/14/99CraigDeForestStanford/GSFCPolar Plumes of the Sun
10/27/89David H.DeVorkinAir & Space MuseumResponse of American Astronomers to Poss. Space Research 1945-50
01/12/73John F.DeweySUNY-AlbanyPlate Tectonics
05/05/78Bryce S.DewittTexasNew Developments in Black Hole Theory
11/03/72Robert H.DickePrincetonGeneral Relativity and the Solar Oblateness
04/01/66Robert H.DickePrincetonGravitation and Space Science
02/23/96MarkDickinsonSpace TelescopeThe Evolution of Ancient Galaxies
10/04/74Robert S.DietzNOAA-MiamiContinental Drift, Plate Tectonics and Sea Floor Spreading
05/22/98WilliamDittoGeorgia TechExperimental Chaos Control
04/24/92S. GeorgeDjorgovskiCaltechSearches for Primeval Galaxies
04/21/95JosephDolanGSFCSearching for a Pulsar in the Remnant of Supernova 1987A
04/15/77Joseph F.DolanGSFCBetween X-Rays and Gamma Rays: a Key to X-Ray Sources
04/12/85Thomas M.DonahueMichiganWater on Venus
11/08/68BertramDonnGSFCInterstellar Organic Molecules and Their Evolutionary Implications
10/03/69William L.DonnColumbia-LamontTheory of Ice Ages
03/14/69Russell J.DonnellyOregonLiquid Helium II
05/28/76George A.DoschekNRLX-Ray and XUV Spectroscopy of Solar Flares and Laboratory Plasmas
04/03/92BruceDouglasNOAA-Nat.Geod.Surv.Sea Level Rise of the Past 100 Years
04/07/95AnneDouglassGSFCInsights Into Stratospheric Photochemistry...
03/13/70Daniel B.DrachmanJohns HopkinsThe Role of the Nerve in Muscle Atrophy
11/02/84Bruce T.DrainePrincetonShock Waves, Dust and Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds
09/27/68Frank D.DrakeCornellPulsars
01/27/78Frank D.DrakeCornellRecent Developments in Radio Astronomy
05/22/92Frank D.DrakeUC-Santa CruzThe Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: NASA Microwave Obs.
10/09/87AlanDresslerMt.Wilson-Las Camp.Astronomers Hunt for the Great Attractor
03/16/79Andrea K.DupreeHarvardHot Blue Cores of Globular Clusters and Other Discoveries of IUE
09/18/87EliDwekGSFCCatch A Fallen Star: The Story of Supernova 1987a
12/03/99FreemanDysonInst. Advanced StudyLife in the Universe: Is Life Digital or Analog?
12/07/84Robert H.EatherBoston Coll.Aurora in Science, History and the Arts
02/27/70John A.EddyBoulder-HAOTotal Solar Eclipses
11/20/87John A.EddyU. ColoradoThe Sun-Climate Connection
02/24/78John A.EddyBoulder-NCARAmerican Indian Astronomy
05/16/75John A.EddyBoulder-HAOThe Case of the Missing Sunspots
05/12/72N. TerenceEdgarScrippsScientific Results and Technology of Drilling in the Deep Oceans
05/07/82AlfEgelandGSFC & Norway-OsloThe Beginning of Modern Auroral Research
05/10/96JimEhleringerUniv. UtahMonsoons, Climate Change and Plant Distribution
05/27/94PaulEhrlichStanford Univ.Biodiversity and Global Change
04/10/81FaroukEl-BazSmithsonianComparing the Deserts of Earth and Mars
10/14/88FaroukEl-BazBoston U.In Search of Pharoah's Boat
11/04/77James L.ElliotCornellDiscovery and Investigation of the Rings of Uranus
03/04/66Walter M.ElsasserPrincetonConvective Mechanisms in the Earth's Mantle
01/15/88KerryEmmanuelMITA General Theory for Hurricanes
05/02/86HarlandEppsUC-Los AngelesGiant Telescopes of the Future
04/28/78David S.EvansNOAA-BoulderAurora
10/08/99DianeEvansJPLRecent Developments in SAR Remote Sensing
04/03/70John V.EvansMITRadar Studies of Mars and Venus
03/22/68Gifford C.EwingWoods HoleThe Upper Thirty Meters of the Ocean
06/09/2000AndrewFabian*CambridgeChandra X-ray Observations of the Cores of Clusters of Galaxies
03/01/91Richard P.FaheyGSFC & Montgomery CIs Schrodinger's Cat a Cheshire?Quantum Theory vs.ObjectiveReality
02/04/77William M.FairbankStanfordNear Zero--A Frontier of Physics
06/02/2000PaulFalkowskiRutgers U.Remote Sensing of Global Biogeochemical Cycles
03/15/91DoyneFarmerLos AlamosSpontaneous Order and the Origin of Life
01/17/97AnthonyFauciNIAIDHIV and AIDS: Considerations for the 21st Century
11/07/75Giovanni G.FazioHarvardFar-Infrared Astronomy
02/13/87JoelFedderNRLBig Comets and Little Comets: Why are They Different?
03/17/89NedFederNIHMisconduct in Science: How to Keep the Politicians Out
10/30/70GeraldFeinbergColumbiaThe Prometheus Project
02/19/99WilliamFeldmanLos AlamosWater Ice on the Moon and Other Discoveries from Lunar Prospector
10/06/78James E.FeltenGSFCCosmology Made Easy: Primer on Structure/Evolution of our Universe
10/07/88James P.FerrisRen.Polytech. Inst.Laboratory Simulation of Jovian Atmospheric Chemistry
06/02/67Carl E.FichtelGSFCGamma Ray Astronomy
03/12/93Carl E.FichtelGSFCGamma Ray Observatory EGRET Results
06/01/73Carl E.FichtelGSFCGamma-Ray Astronomy with the Goddard SAS-B Satellite
01/29/82George B.FieldHarvardAstronomy in the 80's
11/30/73George B.FieldHarvardIntergalactic Matter
03/29/68George B.FieldUC-BerkeleyMolecular Astronomy
05/13/94AlexeiFilippenkoUCal, BerkeleyThe Bright Supernova 1993J in M81
12/08/67John W.FindlayNRAO-GreenbankScientific Objectives of Post-Apollo Lunar and Planetary Programs
05/20/88EphraimFischbachPurdueThe Fifth Force
12/04/92GeraldFishmanMarshall SF Ctr.The Gamma Ray Burst Enigma
02/09/96LenFiskU. MichiganChanging Perspectives of the Heliosphere
09/28/90Lennard A.FiskNASA HQChallenges and Prospects for Space Science
10/02/87Lennard A.FiskNASA HQSpace Science and Applications into the 1990's
04/01/77Lennard A.FiskGSFCExploring the Solar System in Three Dimensions
10/02/92Lennard A.FiskNASA HQNASA Program in Space Sciences and Applications
04/20/84Richard S.FiskeSmithsonianThe Krakatoa Volcano
12/05/69Richard S.FiskeUSGSAnatomy of an Active Volcano
02/29/80Richard S.FiskeSmithsonianRecent Explosive Volcanism in the Eastern Caribbean
04/06/73AaronFleisherMITUrban Redevelopment
10/19/2001JamesFlemingColby CollegeCarbon Dioxide and Climate: the First 100 Years
09/23/94HollandFordJohns HopkinsThe Search for Giant Black Holes
05/15/81Holland C.FordUC-Los AngelesSuperclusters of Galaxies
10/26/84JosephFordGeorgia TechChaos: Solving the Unsolvable - Predicting the Unpredictable!
03/26/76Kenneth W.FordNew Mexico-IM&TMagnetic Monopoles
10/20/89William J.ForrestU. RochesterThe Discovery of Brown Dwarfs
04/17/70John W.FowlerMarylandTeaching Science to Nonscience College Students
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