Scientific Colloquium
January 11, 2013

"Bringing Nature Home"

Because our yards and gardens are part of the terrestrial ecosystems 
that sustain humans and the life around us, it is essential that we keep
them in working order.  Tallamy will discuss the important ecological 
roles of the plants in our landscapes, emphasize the benefits of designing 
landscapes with these roles in mind, and explore the consequences of
failing to do so.  Managing landscapes in this crowded world carries
both moral and ecological responsibilities that we can no longer ignore.
About the speaker:
Doug Tallamy teaches at the University of Delaware, in Newark. He has lectured and authored a book on the topic of today's colloquium.  See his Web site, Bringing Nature Home.

He is a professor and the chair of the Entomology and Wildlife Ecology department there, where he has been studying insects and their role in the environment for over 20 years.  Among his research areas are:

  • the impact of alien plants on native ecosystems
  • the interactions between plants and insects
  • the conservation of biodiversity

You can learn more about Doug's professional accomplishments at his University page.

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