Scientific Colloquium
October 27, 2006

                    "Lessons from Dover's Intelligent Design Trial"

Kitzmiller V. Dover was the first legal test of the constitutionality of the teaching of Intelligent Design in the public schools.  A conservative, Republican, churchgoing judge was unconvinced that ID was valid science, or anything more than a sham to introduce creationism under another name into the public schools.  Dr. Eugenie Scott and her staff at the National Center for Science Education were advisers to the plaintiffs legal team. She will present a behind the scenes description of what it was like to participate as science advisers in a high-profile, historically significant case.   But whither creationism? Now that intelligent design has been struck down, what can we predict anti-evolutionists will do to continue their fight?  And, what should be the reaction of the scientific community?

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