Scientific Colloquium
March 26, 2004

The climate change perspective has conventionally been placed in a
two-sided debate. However, the perspective I am presenting in my talk,
which also represents the view of the American Association of State
concludes that humans have an even greater impact on regional and
global climate than is suggested by international and national
assessments. The human influence on climate is significant and
multi-faceted. Any attempt to accurately predict future climate is
fundamentally constrained by the significant and multi-faceted
characteristics of the human influence on climate. By focusing on
vulnerabilities rather than prediction as a focus of research, we
believe that the scientific community can provide more comprehensive
and likely more useful, information to decision makers.
In my presentation, I will report on 10 overlooked issues in climate
change science. This research work will document the complex character
of the climate system, and the challenges to understanding and
predicting the consequences of human intervention.