Scientific Colloquium
  November 5, 2004

GALEX, the Galaxy Evolution Explorer, NASA’s Space Ultraviolet Imaging and Spectroscopic Survey Mission,
has just celebrated its one year launch anniversary. This talk is devoted to recent results
obtained from GALEX in combination with SDSS, Spitzer, DEEP2, VVDS, COSMOS, COMBO-17, and other corollary surveys.
I will discuss UV and star formation rate density and luminosity functions and their evolution,
luminous UV galaxies in the local universe and their relationship to Lyman Break Galaxies,  dust reprocessing and its astrophysical implications,
the starburst history in galaxies over time, star formation at small and large galactic radii and gas surface density, star formation in
interacting systems, UV spectroscopy of galaxies and the IGM, and UV from young and old
stellar populations in early-type galaxies.