Scientific Colloquium
March 25, 2020, 3:30 p.m.
Building 3, Goett Auditorium

"Understanding and Improving our Developmental Relationships" 

While mentoring is often recommended and relied upon as a way to support and train students and junior scholars, these relationships are often misunderstood and engaged in ways that are ineffective and unsatisfying. As a result, the positive outcomes associated with mentoring are often unrealized, and many faculty and students are dissatisfied with their relationships. This talk presents mentoring theory and research that can promote stronger relationships, unpacking common misunderstandings and offering key dimensions of effective mentor-mentee interactions.

About the Speaker:

Kimberly A. Griffin is an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland and the Editor of the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. Prior to becoming a faculty member, she served as a higher education administrator and student affairs professional, working in undergraduate and graduate admissions, promoting diverse and hospitable learning environments, and new student orientation. Professor Griffin is a recognized scholar in the area of higher education access and equity research. Throughout her career, she has contributed to multiple projects that examine the diverse experiences of Black students and faculty, the impact of campus climate, and how mentoring relationships influence student and faculty success. Much of her current work focuses on graduate training in STEM and increasing diversity and inclusion in the professoriate.
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